Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting back

Now that things are slowly falling into place and I have a routine semi-established, I'm hoping to be able to find time to get back to this. I love writing about my family, so I have the memories, but also as a way to have a chance to express myself and my feelings about everything. I also had to wait for other circumstances to settle, and I'm hoping that now that things have *adjusted* with my ex and his family, I can have less worries of the stalking I encountered before. What I write is written for me and those that choose to follow what is going on in our lives or in something that struck a chord in my head. And that is all we're going to say about that!

 So...for anyone that has remained, hey! Anyone new, hi. Things will be up and writing! Looking forward to getting a chance to write again! So you'll see family things, what it's like to raise a mixed family (in more ways then one) and a few posts about incorporating my religious path with how I raise my family. Let the good times begin! :)

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