Thursday, October 4, 2012

As they grow

As my babies grow, I learn more! I can see the person that they are, and I have to learn that they are a person of themselves. I can work to teach them, but they still will have their own desires and wishes. They will still do things that they enjoy. It's been such a joy to watch them all develop into this. At times, it has definitely been tough! JD has a very strong personality, and he sadly did get my stubborn streak. He won't let me persuade him one way or the other! Ptolemy, he's slowly learning that he can say no, that he can make his own choices. I'm glad he is starting to learn this, but at some points I wish he would learn the difference between points mommy will argue, and times when mommy says something for his safety! Then Kaitlyn! Oh boy! She may be the baby, but man oh man is she a miniature version of me, and she has more sass than her brothers ever wished to have. At 14 months, she already stomps her foot and will do what she wants regardless. It's kind of cute to see the little arms cross, but I'm sure I won't think so soon enough!

I have had to learn to work on my patience in dealing with this. I have to take that step back and let them learn and choose choices for themselves. Some things this is a lot easier to do. Letting JD go through his dresser and pick out his own clothes for one. (Just remove the non-seasonal clothes! ;) ) And to not hover over them when they play! I let them play in the playroom while I do school work in the next room. Easily within ear shot, but not dictating how they play. I can see then grow.. and this is hard. I miss my babies.. and these 3 are not that. They are children, with their own personalities and dreams!

I also have had to learn that they still need mommy on some things, but in a different way. I'll learn with them. We'll learn this together! But I have to learn that even though JD is 3 1/2, Kaitlyn is only 14 months! There are things that JD can do, that Kaitlyn isn't ready for... and neither is Ptolemy! But in the same sense, JD is ONLY 3 1/2!! He's not a baby, but he's still a little boy! One that has a lot to learn, and Mommy will learn the right speed with him! But they need to slow down a little for me. Mommy is not ready to have my babies grow up!

So we'll learn this together! I'll work with them to grow in the best for them! And as they grow, I'll grow too!

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