Monday, September 28, 2009

And we're off...

So, we have officially hit the stage where I turn my head for a second and do the "not where I left you" thing when I look back!! JD is off and on the go, go, GO!! We used to play contently on the living room floor, and that was all he would do. He did roll and scooch himself along the floor, but never went past the couches. Until now!!!! Yesterday he maneuvered his way around the couch and got into the dining room. So I moved the cats dish away...BIG MISTAKE!! Instead of being a deterrent..I increased his interest and he kept crawling to it. And then he heard daddy down the hall in our room..and well....let's say he and his rolling fish found dad!! He was sooo excited and proud of himself! Me...I'm a bit on the fence. I'm sooo excited to see him grow up and see how happy these things make him, but I want my small lil' boy back. The one I didn't have to watch like a hawk as much! He's also pulling himself up on the furniture. He's not totally mastered on that skill, but we're getting there. I am sure that once he does..he's going to be running in no time!!

We also have a new game going on in the morning. :) I can hear him chatting when I wake up, and instead of going in straight, I like to sneak in on my hands and knees and look in under the bumper. Then if he looks, I drop the bumper quick and give it a few seconds. Usually he laughs, gets excited and looks for me over the bumper. Well today that little stinker got me. When I first looked he was at the other end of the crib. Then I heard him rustling..thought he was just trying to get a better look over the bumper. I looked again and he was nose to nose with me, looking out under the bumper with this BIG GRIN!! Then he reached out and grabbed me. So...he one upped my game! It's so cute to see how excited he gets about it all.

Can we please stop time right now so I can just enjoy every second!! I feel like if I blink he'll be going off to college or getting married!!

Friday, September 25, 2009


So my poor lil' monkey caught dad's bug and is sick. :( He's got a steady cough, running nose and a fever. Other then that, I don't know...b/c he can't tell me if he has a headache or sore throat. He has been doing really well with it though. He still likes to play and smile..but takes more naps and wants a lot more snuggle time. Which I am more then willing to give him!!

He had a check at the doctor, and he thinks he's going to be fine. Just wants me to keep him updated and to keep an eye on him. He said he's be more worried about the side effects of the flu (such as respiratory illness, ear infection, etc), if it is that. So he made Sam go in and get all the tests for the Flu, H1N1 and also any of the viral diseases that are out there. We want to know what we're dealing with before it happens. :)

As for me. I'm getting sick from it all too. I def have a headache, sore throat, cough, fever, runny name it!! So I'm sure that lil' guy isn't feel too well. I'm trying to take it easy, but it's a bit hard when you have a sick lil' boy on your hands too. But...I did get to go get my new glasses. Now to wait for them to come in!! That will make me at least feel like I look less crappy!! LOL!

But we're slowly feeling better...and as I said. He's still happy baby!! Looks like he's getting over it better then Mommy and Daddy are!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cardiologist update

JD had his follow up appt for his cardiologist this morning. It wasn't a horrible appt, but it wasn't as good as we were hoping. We thought we were done with them, but we apparently are not. :(

To lil' man is seriously on fertilizer or something!! :) He's 30 inches and 19lbs 11oz....this is up from 28 1/2inches and 18lbs 10oz last month!! Over a pound and 1 1/2 inches!! WOW

As for the rest of the appt. JD was a complete SWEETHEART and such an angel!! :heart He was in such a good mood and smiled and "chatted" with everyone. Everyone commented on how happy a baby he is and how handsome he is! As if this mom didn't know that one! ;) He had woman missing the elevators so they could sit and chat with him! He made so many new friends!

The first thing they did was his EKG, and he did really well with it. Much better than the last time. He didn't cry at all, not even when they pulled the tabs off him from the machine. He talked and babbled to the tech and Mommy. He is a wiggle worm though, so we had to work to hold his legs down. But the tech knew she was doing the pedi cardio so she had bubbles to entertain him with. He loved it, and really made a new best friend with her. So I think I am going to have to go get some bubbles, b/c he really loved tried to catch them.

So with all of this I was in such a good mood and so optimistic that everything was going to be great. They had mentioned last time they thought this would be his last appt since they didn't think we had anything to really monitor last time, they just wanted to follow up. Since they did hear the murmur, but thought it was just the baby murmur from the heart converting over from fetal blood movement to oxygen and all.

Well today they could still hear the murmur pretty loud, and they had hoped it would be softer or gone. GAAH But it's not!! Now they mentioned they think that it is a hole in the upper chambers after all. :( The good news on it though, is that they said they don't feel that it is life threatening right now, and they typically wouldn't do anything until a child reaches 3 or 4. So, we will continue going for EKG's and when he's 3 he has to go for an ultrasound of his heart. I was ok..until they mentioned the possiblity of surgery on it!!! :shock :crying

So, I'm sure that it is nothing to really worry just was news I wasn't expecting to get. I was totally ready for him to be released from them, not to hear that my son may need surgery in a couple years to fix his heart! :(

All the fairs and end of summer

It's so shocking to me that we are rounding the corner of the end of summer. Where did all the time go!! It honestly still seems that we just finished spring. It's not that we got a huge summer. But the time is just flying!!! I had an even stronger wake up when I realized that my baby niece is heading off to her first day of Kindergarten tomorrow morning!! I can't believe she's that old...but also that school is starting! Yet another sign that the summer is ending and fall is on it's way!!

We ended the summer with some good old fashioned end of summer fun!! =D Sam and I took JD to the Middleboro Fair. It is a small little town fair, but cute. So JD got to pet some goats, sheep, cows, and chickens. He LOVED it! I'm not sure what he liked better. The fact that he could play with Gina, who is one of Sam's 4-Hers that he loves. Or that he could pet the chickens. His new favorite thing! :)

After doing that on Saturday, we headed out to NY to go to the Fonda Fair. It was celebrating the 168th year, and JD got to take part! We went on Sunday, which was the day mom was working the Beech-Nut booth. We wandered around, looked at all the animals, spent some time with Sara and then saw the fireworks! We also took some time to sit and watch the Big Rig truck pulls! JD really enjoyed the orange truck, and for what we saw he did a great job. :) We didn't get to watch the whole show b/c we were heading to catch up with mom to walk around. You can't get much more end of summer then that.

To finish off the Labor Day weekend, we went up to Ron's camp on Lake Sagandaga on Monday and had a small family picnic. It was much cooler, and you could feel fall in the air. JD got to swing on the swing there, and he loved it. Held it two hands and all!! It was sooo cute!!

Grandma had bought JD a Christmas present...but in Grandma fashion..JD got to play with it while we were there! :) She bought him a ride on Mickey clubhouse train. And he LOVES it. He stood for the longest time to play with it. He was hitting the buttons and giggling and laughing up a storm. I can't wait to bring it home from Grandma's this weekend. We were heading back in about 3 days, so we decided to leave it for that trip. :)

But now that all that is out of the way, I can smell the crisp fall leaves in the air and feel the changing of the weather. I love the fall, and look forward to JD getting to really enjoy his first one. We're going to go apple picking, and to the pumpkin patch..and of course do all the Halloween fun stuff and oh so much more!

We had such a busy summer. Going to the beach, to NJ, to Disney, the fairs, his uncle's camp...and so much more! :)

Here's to a great ending to the Summer and a wonderful beginning to Fall. :)