Saturday, September 22, 2012

It was meant to be....

So I had been planning my Mabon activities for about a month. I knew I wanted to take my babies to the apple orchard. Originally it was going to be my 3 little ones and my honey, but the army calld him away. So then I worried about handling 3 ( 3 1/2, 2 and 14 months) little ones around the orchard by myself. Decided I was still going to do it. Then 2 days ago the weather turned and said it was suppose to pour all day long. I was bummed, but decided to let it go. Last night I asked for just a couple hours to get them out to the orchard. 
Woke up this morning and it hadn't started to rain yet, and within an hour it started to get sunny. Went outside to take the dogs out and realized it was a very comfortable and breazy day! Perfect weather! The weather channel still said rain. So I got them ready, but we had other errands to do before. Finally headed out to the orchard at 1, and the sun was out and it was beautiful! We got to pick apples, pick up a few fall things (mini pumpkins, gourds, hay bale and some cider). I've been going to this orchard for years, but this year they added a tractor ride around the property(for a $1 for me, kids free! Got to ride on a giant wagon pulled by a real farmers tractor, the kids were in HEAVEN!!), a corn maze (Which my kids picked some of the old corn and had fun running through) and giant hay bales for the kids to climb! We got to do it all, ran around the farm and my kids were amazing! Sometimes they can be such handfuls and don't listen, but today they just were perfect!!! Not one didn't listen or was bad in the slightest! So we had an amazing day... got home around 4, brought them into the house, and the second the door shut (and I am NOT exaggerating about that!!) the rain came POURING down!!! The Gods truly listened and gave us such an amazing and wonderful day! The kids had so much fun, and we LOVED every moment of it!! Such wonderful sweet memories! The only one missing was my honey, but soon enough! But for sure, this will be our yearly Mabon activities!
And as we left the orchard... JD shouted out... "Good night Trees, thank you!!" What a true blessing I was given today..and I'm more then thankful!! 
Some photos to share! Hope you enjoy! :)

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