Saturday, October 6, 2012


And we could never forget the Princess! I can't believe how much she has grown in such a short time period. She's caught up to her brothers in so much. I was looking forward to having a baby for a little bit more, but she is more like me then good, and had her own plans!

She was sitting up by 5 months, crawling by 6 1/2 months, started walking at 11 months, and officially gave up crawling at 12 months! Now at 14 months, she climbs everything, goes up and down the stairs and runs after her brothers! Boy does she LOVE those two!! When they go away for the weekend, she runs around the house calling their name the whole time! The biggest squeals of delight are saved for first thing in the morning when those boys wake up and join her!

But she is such a stubborn child. She refused to eat around 8 months, turns out she didn't want me to feed her any longer. Gave her some cut up food that we were eating, and she went to town. Now she won't eat unless she has her fork!!

She's also started potty training! I think for her it was from having older brothers, but also due to all her allergy issues. If Ptolemy has one, Kaitlyn has them all! The poor girl has a dairy allergy, has Celiacs, can't have peanuts and who knows what else we will find! She also has a muscle enzyme issue that we are evaluating. *sigh*

She's starting to talk up a storm too: Mama, Dada, JD, Tati, doggie, kit tie, diaper, juice, cheese, and a few others!

The development of children still amaze me! All three had their own timeline and developed different aspects at different times. But all are so smart! Kaitlyn is a mini me. She's very nature oriented! Can be a tad moody! But boy can that little girl be a little love bug! She LOVES to sit on my feet, whether when I'm sitting on the couch, washing dishes or doing work! She will randomly run up and give me hugs and blow me kisses! She just recently stopped needing me to rock her to sleep, and as great a moment it was, I kind of miss it. It was one of the few moments in the day that was just "ours."

But as she grows, she'll always be my Princess! I wonder what other adventures she'll take on. But one thing is certain, she's going to go wherever her brother's go!!

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