Saturday, October 6, 2012


Ahhh, my Ptolemy. My once such a cuddle bug, turned 2 year old terror!! I adore that little boy. He really is my cuddle bug, but boy he can get my blood going quicker then his brother can! Mainly, because he does everything JD does, even if I say no! I keep saying he's two, and he is. He's finding his independence ... but not with everything. Haha. He still doesn't want to dress himself, and he's such a lazy bug!

Ptolemy would allow me to carry his bum everywhere if I would. We went to the orchard a few weeks ago, and that little boy sat in the wagon between trees.. and the trees were about 3 feet apart!! When we go for hikes, he ends up on my back half way through a short hike. He'd sit in one spot all day if I let him, haha. Even when we play in the yard, he finds his digging or car spot and we sit there. UNLESS, mommy pulls out the ride on... then he'll run to play with that. It only exerts a finger push! ;) Yup, love my little lazy bum!

He's a pretty smart boy. himself. He knows so much, and has for so long. You can ask him anything, and he'll point to it and answer in his own way. He's just having a small issue with his speech. He's had his speech evaluation done, and they acknowledged that there is a problem, but since he is so responsive and smart, there is nothing they can do at his age. He still has communication ability. They had his ears tested, which came back normal. So the next step is in January he becomes eligible for pre-school speech therapy. They said it looks like it is a low muscle tone issue in his jaw causing an inability to actually form the words. So for now, he gets regular muscle massages in his jaw. I need to get him one of the vibrating toothbrushes to help stimulate his gums and jaw. We work to make him try to sound out some of his words, but they said it will take some work. He's had so many symptoms of this, so it will be good to help him in so many ways. Eating will be easier, less drooling and so much more!

He's doing well with everything else health wise, except for the poor boy has allergies! Looks like it might be to the wipes on his face, but he is allergic to tomatoes and dairy. Makes meal time interesting!

So with all of this growth, that little boy is growing stubborn as well! He loves when we go to the Y and he can go to swim class and play with kids. But boy, if he wants to do something and you say no, be prepared for the wrath of Ptolemy! He is surely living up to that name of his!! But my favorite thing, he is such a wonderful brother to both his brother and sister. He loves those two! He loves playing with them. If one of them trips or gets hurt, he'll run over and ask if they are ok and offer hugs. It's so cute!

He'll always be my baby boy, but he too, is growing up on me. He's already looking to go to school. When we take JD, he asks me the whole time where JD is and is so excited to go pick him up. I wonder how he'll do though when it is just him. He doesn't like if he goes to play with kids alone at the Y, so we'll see. But for now, I'm enjoying watching my baby boy find his own footing. If only his older brother didn't have so much influence!

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