Monday, October 8, 2012

Three little monsters...

The joy of having 3 so close... they are close, but they learn from each other, and that is not always the good stuff. Whatever JD does, the younger two will emulate! They look up to him so much, and he could care less as long as he gets the attention. Definitely makes for moments of melt your heart, and moments of ripping your hair out.

Today was a great mix of both!

 I've limited the amount of TV time in the house. The kids had started to become fixated on it. Just sitting in front of it, not wanting to play inside or out when it was on. No matter what it was. If I was watching a cooking show, they were transfixed on it and barely blinking. And if you tried talking to them, well you got nothing! Not even a slight turn of the head. So, I told everyone they get about an hour in the morning, and maybe an hour of cartoons after dinner, before story. Usually our morning hour is Seasame Street. So as they came in and settled at my feet in the living room, since they feel the couch is too far and I won't let them stand at the tv, Kaitlyn came running in and sat down right between the boys. They all smiled and I was like, this is awesome. They love each other! About 5 minutes later, Kaitlyn got up and moved so she could sit between JD's legs and laid her head back on him. It was the cutest most adorable moment that I will carry in my mind, but couldn't get the camera for. All on her own, no instigating or talking into. And just as she leaned back, JD put his arm around her and hugged her! *melt* This only lasted about another minute, but it was the cutest 2 minutes ever. Then Kaitlyn and Ptolemy started doing random leaning on each other, and then rough house playtime began. Haha.

Then we're down to the ripping hair out moments. JD can be a bit of a bully. He knows he is older and bigger, and he uses that to tell his brother and sister what to do. Sometimes it's just be vocal, other times it's with force. I step in, and he doesn't acknowledge mommy is in charge. Ptolemy sees this, and does it to his sister. Today he was upset that Kaitlyn had the play hammer, and pulled her down the stairs face first in order to rip it from her hands. Then, there is JD's screaming. He enjoys doing it to be loud, well Kaitlyn thinks this is AWESOME and she now does it. Oye! And since he feels left out, Ptolemy will join in. So I get a nice chorus... it's so entertaining!

But I can see it all already. They are siblings, and they do love and adore each other. They can beat on each other .... but Gods help anyone that tries to mess with any of them, for the other two won't have it! If you punish one, one of the others will say "you can't yell at my brother/sister." And if they are out, they are sure to keep an eye. Granted, Ptolemy and Kaitlyn are the closest. We walk anywhere, those two have to hold hands! Such sweet moments...

So as they grown, I know I'm going to have many moments... but I'm already anticipating that moment where I'm like awwww with steam coming out... you know that moment.. the moment that the school calls... "Excuse me, Ms. S. There was a fight at school!" "Which one was it".... "ALL THREE!" Yup, I know when one gets in trouble, they ALL will get in trouble... TOGETHER! Which will be great for them as they grow!

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