Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So much to tell..

Starting out fresh with so much of a past is hard to do. But here we go. I'm hoping this will allow for all those special moments in our family to be put down and remembered! Some posts I am going to transfer over from my livejournal, so that I have them here.

To start:

I'm 27 and mom to a handsome baby boy, John-Douglas, who was born on Feb. 11th, 2009 at 4:13. But more on that to come!!

I've been married for a year and a half to a great guy, who adores me. We got married on Oct. 20th, 2007. We struggle along, but we do know we love each other, and we make things work. :) And we try to keep those pesky stalker family members at bay. :) Just kidding, but we are doing what we can and moving along. We're happy to be with each other, and even happier to be parents to our precious miracle!

We also have a host of kitties, that are also our little babies. The bad thing with becoming a foster parent, is that you end up not wanting to ever let them go. And thus, the family grows! :-D So, to mention or kitties...for they will be playing a large roll in this family as well. :) The family started with Ezra (10 yr old) that we adopted when we first moved in together back in 2006! He was not to be kept alone too long, and his sister Peanut was rescued from a shelter a couple months later! At the shelter she was named Greta, but that name didn't suit her well, not that Peanut fits now! Hehe! The following spring, my friends cat had a liter or 1/2 meezer and 1/2 mix kittens..and I HAD to have one..so Snickers came and joined us. The only part of her that shows her Meezer heritage is her BIG ears and hypnotic eyes. But we love that little wacko to pieces. Then last summer the family grew when we rescued 4 feral kittens from the outside of our old apartment building. They were about 4 weeks old, and just willing and able to be kept seperate from their mother. The grounds people were getting ready to spray more harsh chemicals on the grounds, so we did what we had to do. Anticipating that we would rescue, clean and pass on to a shelter when ready for new homes. As I said, when you foster...it's hard to let go. So, Lugh (named for the Celtic Sun God..and the season that they were rescued in, Lughnasadh), Onyx (all black with smooth and shiny hair), Phantom (named b/c she has a mask on her face with her markings) and Harlequin (another beautiful calico) joined our family!! They were covered in ticks and so dirty. So we gave them baths and hand picked off the ticks multiple tiems a day. And they grew quickly and took to the rest of the "family"...and thus our kitty family were born! :) Also, joining in on the fur-babies of the family is a rabbit named Mr. Bunsy, from a Terry Pratchet book that Sam and I enjoy.

Now, since I added all that. I'll see what else I have left to say. :)

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