Friday, July 17, 2009

latest crazy idea

I think I may have officially lost it!!

I have given in and told Sam if he still wanted to go to the family reunion in NJ, we could see if we could make it work! AM I NUTS!!

These things are huge! But I'm so nervous to think about this. I had many reasons to not want to go the first time. There are like 50+ people at this thing! (Sam's dad is 1 of 7) JD hasn't had all his shots, and I'm petrified he's going to catch something from these people! Also, it's held down at the Jersey shore, and JD can't use sunscreen yet!!

So why did I cave. I thought about it, and realized that Sam was not going to get a vacation this summer. And for some reason, I felt bad.

But yesterday I thought about it, and sent a nice e-mail off to his parents to see when this thing was to figure things out. I was hoping it would happen after his next pay check so that I could look at rental cars and a hotel. Nope, it's starting today and goes through next Saturday! But of course, I had already mentioned the idea to Sam, and now he's all gung-ho for this..and won't listen to me about any of it!

So, if he can get the time off. We're going to be heading down there next Tuesday night. Then heading back that Friday night or Saturday night!

The only good thing coming out of this. I get beach time, and JD gets to finally meet his Great-Grandmom!!

Oh boy, what have I done!!

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