Tuesday, June 23, 2009

JD's hospital photos

the sign in my room!! And was it ever true!!!

Hanging out in bed! My dad thought taking photos of the pregnant chick on pitocian was funny!!

The last shot of the belly!! Don't look as big laying down!

Trying to catch up on some rest...but it was hard with the contractions!

John-Douglas' first photo!! Just out of Mommy's belly!! Loot at the hair!

Now that's the boy I know!! Screaming his lungs out!

Apparently the screeming winded him! Getting some air while getting his butt looked at!

Mommy's first look at the miracle! I don't look good, but such a special moment!

My 6lb 15oz baby boy!! And I should have known then he liked to chew on things!!

Grandma Snell holding John-Douglas for the first time!

John-Douglas an hour old!

Cuddled in the bear hugger b/c they couldn't get my temp up. Talking with Grandma
and having dad take embarrassing photos!

the awesome nurse that took such great care of me that last day!

John-Douglas when he first came to my room...all nice and pink from his bath!

So enraptured with this boy, I didn't care that he woke me up at 1, 3, 5...and so on!

And daddy didn't care either. Very proud Daddy!

He's so handsome! My precious Peanut

The next day! Cuddling with him!

JD with his Teddy Bear that his Grandma Snell Gave him!

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