Thursday, July 16, 2009


I don't know if I failed tonight and did the wrong thing or not. But I did what I thought was best. LOL. So I guess that can't be totally failing, right??

We had our first try at peas tonight. And let me tell you, it did NOT go well at all!! I think he has a texture issue, and the peas are a bit thicker. Like the cereal/oatmeal he won't eat! But I thought we'd try peas for dinner. He's been doing so well with everything, so I was NOT prepared! His first reaction was to make a funny face at me. But he does that every time we start something. Then a couple bites later, he stuck his tongue back out at me. Then for the next 3-4 bites he literally SPIT it at me!! I also could tell it wasn't his choice of food since he hid from the spoon and didn't try to grab it like he always does. Usually he opens his mouth wide for his bites, yells at me that I'm not going fast enough and grabs at the spoon.

So, I decided it was better to not fight the battle, and headed to the kitchen to get the left over banana from breakfast. (My kitchen and dining room are connected, and it's literally about 2 steps from my chair to the fridge!) I got up from my chair, watched JD put his hand in his mouth and forcefully got himself to vomit up all his peas!! A 5 minute interlude to clean up the peas, and he was eyeing the jar of bananas. So I opened it and let him have a taste (just to make sure he didn't have an upset stomach which caused the peas) and he licked the spoon clean and did his normal grabby action for the spoon. He actually did this really cute beckoning the spoon to him motion. Not that he knew he was doing it, I found it cute. So, I guess that showed he didn't have an upset tummy. Just really didn't want those peas!!

But now my fear is that I failed. Should I have not caved and gave him some bananas after his very forceful hatred of the peas. Should I have pressed the pea issue. Gaah, I don't want him to hate them, but I also don't want to force him to eat something he apparently hates. I still have nightmares of being stuck at the dining room table all night because I refused to eat my potatoes! I wasn't allowed up until I ate them, even if they got ice cold! I swore I would never do that to JD!!

And it's not like he does it for all things. I know some things say to start with only veggies, then move to fruits, and so on and so forth. But I've been mixing things up. We've had:
Green beans
Carrots (which we have learned causes hives!!!)
Sweet potatoes (which we don't like...but we tolerate...much better then the peas that is!!!)
Mommy's mashed potatoes!!
rice cereal and Oatmeal

And really, the only extreme negative reaction was to the peas!! Even the cereal and sweet potatoes he tolerates and will eat his whole meal. This was a no-go!!

So did I fail!! Gaah, I don't know! I know I'll try again and not totally remove it from his diet, but by caving and giving him something else, did I do anything.

Oh, this mommy thing can be really difficult!!

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