Friday, July 17, 2009

home schooling

I have decided that I'm going to homeschool!! And yes, I have determined that already! :rolling I mentioned it to someone, and they were like, you're researching that ALREADY. But I wanted to check all the requirements for my state and such. :D So, yes, I've been doing tons of research on it! :)

Sam and I had talked about it while I was still pg, and we agree we think for us it's the best choice. :) Sam and I are VERY science oriented people, and schools don't focus on it anymore! :( I went to school for teaching, and got so dishearted that the science program was a 1/2 hour lesson maybe once a month! I think you can do sooo much with it. And I can see how you can teach reading, writing, math and so much more with it!! My other disheartenment comes from all the schools around here strictly teaching to tests now. B/c with the federal standards of schools not receiving funding if they fail these tests. I want JD to learn to learn, not learn just enough to pass tests. And, if he finds something that really gets his attention, I want him to be able to enjoy researching it. Not having it brushed aside. :)

Not that schools aren't ok, and I know most will do this. :) Just for me, I can't think of anything better for us. I just have to make sure we find enough social events for him. :)

But this way, when one of the animals on Sam's friends farm is having babies, we can go there as a lesson. He can go to all the different events at Audubon and the library. We know he's going to be doing 4-H with his dad, and I'm looking at starting up a Pagan Scouts troop for him. It's like boy/girl scouts, but not the christian focus that they have. :) So I know he's going to get out and meet people.

I just hope that he enjoys it. and, if he decides he wants to try public school, we'll look at it again then. :lol

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