Tuesday, July 7, 2009

JD's latest update

JD has determiend that he really likes that little round thing that I put in his mouth! It brings him all different tasty things, that mommy actually lets him eat! Haha, that is the spoon! Yup, we've officially entered the world of trying out solids!! He's been pretty good about most things. He's not a big fan of cereal, but most everything else he'll eat. The cereals he will just spit right back out at me. At first I thought he didn't have the tongue control, but he ate the mashed potatoes he stole off my plate all too well. So, I'm skipping the cereals and we've been working on the fruits and veggies. He's had green beans, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, peaches, pears, and bananas. So, I guess you can say he's had it all. :) He really likes the squash and the fruits, but I think he's allergic to the carrots. So we're taking a break from those! But he does so well with the eating. He drops very little and actually gets mad that I'm taking to long to give him his next bite! He's growing like a weed..and I'm not sure I like it!

His eyes are turning...or so they think. Parts are turning a greenish-brown, but the majority of them are blue. I'm sure he's going to have the darker eyes like me, but it's interesting to see the progression of them. He's also teething...A LOT. He's been doing it since he was a couple months old, but I hope it ends soon. Not that I want the teeth, b/c they'll show how big he's getting. But I want him not to hurt from those dang things! He's constantly sucking and chewing on his hand, elephant, blanket, arm. You name it!

We've also started taking our walks "big boy style" in the stroller, and he LOVES it!! You would have thought I gave him the best present every time I put him in his stroller. He gets a grin from ear to ear and starts giggling! The best thing about it...it makes me WANT to walk. B/c how can I deny him when he gets so happy. Here are a couple of him in his stroller, "big boy style!"

How can you not be like...let's keep going all day long..when you see that smile!! It touches his eyes..and I love it!

And... In other JD news, I'm still co-sleeping with him. I always told myself I wouldn't co-sleep and such, but I've learned to never say never when you add a child into your lives. When he was little and we brought him home (and even in the hospital) I never wanted to put him down. We'd been through so much to have him! But also, he slept so much better on me. That is how it continued for the first few months. He slept better when he was laying on me. Now, he sleeps better laying where he can feel me or Sam. I'm not going to have him fight me in his crib b/c he wants to be with us. The other part of this little escapade, is that he refuses to sleep on his back!! He will only sleep if I let him lay on his tummy. I'm not willing to fight and have him stay up all night and be crabby b/c he isn't sleeping on his back, but I also don't feel comfortable if he's not near me keep an eye on him. So, for now I'm contently co-sleeping.He snuggles up with me all night, and I love it! I might as well enjoy it while I can, soon he'll be too big..and then he'll not want a thing to do with his mom. But right now, I'm his mommy and all he wants is to snuggle and be with me. And for that...I feel so blessed!!

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