Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family visit

Snell and Fox family weekend in NY
July 9-11th

So this past weekend saw us taking a trip back to upstate NY to be with family. I wish the trip was planned on happier notes, but the weekend before my Great-Aunt Shirley passed away after a long battle with kidney failure, among many other health issues. I know she's finally back with my Great-Uncle Harold and my Grandma O. Grammy and her are probably enjoying a nice long chat at the "local" bingo hall!

However, the rest of the visit was much enjoyed and much needed. It's been to long since I've had time with my mom and my niece. It also was a much needed visit to my very trusty and local Golden Retriever, who is very sick and may not be making it through the summer. We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning with Grandma Snell. JD loved it. He spent the whole time giggling and laughing, and had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa. He really loved to laugh at Grandpa, and I think it's just because he knows that's what he'll look like one day. :) Thursday morning was the funeral, and then Grandma had to go to work for the rest of the day. How else are we going to get all that great Beech-Nut food she brings him home! That night we took a trip to the store for a new toy for JD, but they didn't have the one we needed! So Friday after work, we headed off to Albany to find the much needed Jumperoo replacement!

Grandma Snell, Mommy and JD

Grandma Snell, JD and Cinnamon

A very happy JD sitting on Grandma's lap

Grandma and Grandpa Snell - Feeding JD his bananas!

The Park

On Friday afternoon we decided a trip out was needed to relax and ground us. So we took a trip to the very small Tribes Hill Park to let JD have a try on the swings, and Mommy and Daddy decided to get a little goofy. It was a blast, and relaxing! It was a bit sunny when not under the trees, but being under the trees brought out the mosquitos, so sadly our trip was shorter then we would have liked. After JD and I went for a nice walk through my very quiet neighborhood. It was a very peaceful afternoon, and definitely made me miss being home!!

Even Mommy's can be kid's at heart!! So much fun!

But only b/c Daddy ran to this while I was walking down from the car! I love my big kid!!

Aww..look, time went backwards... This is what Daddy looked like 30 years ago! JD trying out the pony too! Notice how he held on like a good boy! :)

JD trying out the baby swing!!

At first he wasn't sure if he really liked it, but after a cafeful examination of it, we got a big grin!!

Mommy and JD on the big kid swing

Daddy and JD on the big boy swing


Another very exciting part of the trip was spending time with my adorable niece, Kimberlee! She really is my sunshine!! She loves her baby cousin, and I can already see he's going to adore her too! She was such a great helper! From helping feed, to picking out his clothes, and even "babysitting" while JD rode with Grandma and Grandpa to breakfast while I drove in a separate car!

Kimberlee entertaining JD when she first got there!

Kimberlee feeding JD

Kimberlee, JD and I on Grandma's couch

So absolutely precious!! My sunshine and my handsome Prince!!

My precious Sunshine and I! <3

Sunshine Love! <3

Cinnamon and I

Kimberlee, JD, Cinnamon and I

The Fox's

After a much too short visit with Grandma and Grandpa Snell, we headed off to Sam's parents for a few hours before heading back home to MA. Sam's niece and nephew (Zoe and Joe) were up from VA, and they got to meet JD for the first time. We spent the afternoon hanging around. Sam played a few different games with his niece and nephew, and then we all played a game of 'Who Knew.' After dinner we headed home.

Grandma and Grandpa Fox, Daddy and JD

Home Again

Our trip home was thanfully uneventful. We thought we were the only ones happy to be home. But JD had a much more relaxed atmosphere about him once he realized we were home. He was good on our entire trip, but I could tell he missed being home. He had a rough time sleeping, and by the ends of each of our 4 hour drives, he definitely was ready to be out of his seat. Unlike other babies who sleep in the car, he stays awake and gets grumpy!

Home was good to see though. We walked through the door, and all 7 of our babies were waiting for us. Giving us much love for the remainder of the night, just to remind us that they love us and not to go away again. I also made sure I put together JD's new toy as soon as we got home! JD wasn't tired, so we tried it out. My son is so big, I can't believe it! Then we finally went to bed, where Ezra joined us like he usually does! And I am sure my son missed his kitty!

JD trying out his new Precious Planet Jumperoo! I think he likes it!! =-D

Goodnight! <3>

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