Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New things learned

Apparently Sam missed me while he was away at his conference. He came home with these beautiful roses! The photos I've been trying to take of them do not do them justice. I've had them going on a week, and they are still looking beautiful. Too bad I'm not able to enjoy them as much as I'd like, b/c the second I take them off the fridge and put them on a lower table, Snickers attacks them! I should let her find the thorns! ;)

Also, JD learned something new today! And if I had any doubt to whether or not he was ready for solids. This completely quenched that!

Yup! He has learned that he can use the spoon himself! He actually had it all the way in, but by the time I got the camera he had it to this point! He was fighting me for the spoon while I was feeding him. I thoguht he wanted to play with it, but he put it right in his mouth like I had been doing! *sigh* He's getting big I guess.

He loves his peaches!! This is actually the most he lets get on his face! :) We had an early meal today, and I'm not sure he liked it. So I think I'm going to go back to dinner meals. But he loves his food!! And not only has he learned that he can use the spoon by himself, but he's slowly starting to hold the bottle by himself. If it's a full 8oz bottle, it's too heavy for him, or if he's too tired he won't do it, but he tries to hold it and if it's light enough, he handles it all by himself!!

He's also playing games with mommy. Apparently he thinks it's funny that mommy is waiting for him to roll over again. He did it around 2 months a couple times, found out it got him to his back and got mad about it. So stopped right then and there and hasn't done it again. Until the other day. He's done it twice...for his FATHER!! I'm never around. I keep telling Sam it's all in his head, and he's saying it to upset me. :) I've seen him almost make it from back to front though. He gets so close, but then his arm just gets in the way! Not that I want him really to learn more ways to be mobile. His army crawling is enough for me right now!

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