Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little nature lovers

My babies truly love nature. All three have sat at the window to watch what animals we get. They love going out into the woods, and to learn about animals. So when Ptolemy asked to get a bird feeder during one of our Mommy/Tati trips, I was only more then willing to do it! We picked up a few of the cheaper ones, as I wasn't sure what we would get, and some feed. When we got home, all three kids got to sit at the table and fill their own feeders. This in and of itself was such a joy to them! I hung the feeders for Ptolemy and Kaitlyn, and JD got to help hang his own! We also put out some old bread for the squirrels. Less then a few minutes after they went up, we had our first visitors.

We had some Junco's, Tuffed Titmouse, and chickadees. Of course the squirrels weren't far behind. We've also had some cardinals, blue jays, starlings and so many others. The squirrels finally succeeded in taking down 3 out of 4 feeders. We're in the process of replacing, but the kids love it!

Kaitlyn sits at the window with her little nature book. The boys come over and pick out birds with Kaitlyn. We enjoy morning time around the windows to see what we can see. I'm sure when the snow really starts to fly, we'll be finding more and more visitors.

I love that they enjoy doing this, and I love that they want to learn and do this. My babies are so amazing!!

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