Thursday, November 1, 2012


One of my favorite times of the year has come and gone already! I honestly feel that this last year has flown by! I can't believe we're into November already! Black Friday ads have started to show up, and for the first time ever, I'm looking at them and considering what I can do to get out and get some of these goodies for the kids!

But Halloween was a good time. As usual, I decorated early. But found a lot of my stuff missing, but it's ok. I did what I could with what I had. Maybe I can go find some of the stuff all on sale now for next year. I always want to do more. :)

This year I let the boys decide what they wanted to be, and I had a Spiderman and a Captain America! *sigh* I miss the cute little costumes, and I can only hope that next year we can be something cool again!! My princess was a little pink monster wearing her older cousin's dance tutu! :)

We went to Mom's on Sunday to do Trick-or-Treat with her. They had an opening thing at the church with donuts and cider, and then did a Halloween parade with the kids. They did judging for 0-4, 6-8 and 8+. I have to say I wasn't expecting anything out of it. There were so many kids in the 0-4 year range, at least about 30-40. However, my little Princess took the Cutest award! :) I mean, I know she's cute, but I'm her mom! I've looked back at some pictures of her as a baby and have been like; "Wow, what I thinking that was cute!" haha. But she did wave at everyone and "Rawr" for that is always cute! The boys enjoyed meeting their "twin" costume buddies!

We walked around town and got a pretty good haul of candy! Then we headed back to Gaga and Papa's and had dinner with them and Uncle Ron and Kimberlee. They all loved that part! And heck, you can't beat Lasagna either, especially when Gaga makes it!

Then JD had a Halloween party at school on Tuesday. They have been gearing up all month for it. They did a day at the Pumpkin Patch (to learn about how pumpkins grow), Pretend Ghost day, Nice Witch Day, a day to make decorations, and a day to carve a pumpkin as a class! He's been having so much fun. On 'Nice Witch Day' I of course volunteered to do snack that day, and he brought Witch's Hats that I made. The kids enjoyed them, and the other mom's thought they were cute. He does seem to have a good class, and he LOVES going! I'm so glad I did decide to send him. And he's learning a bit too. But one thing I have to figure out, why is it that my son has to learn things on such a high level. Haha. They are not pumpkins you know, they are "Jack-o-Lanterns"... *shake head* But cute none the less!

But as we were discussing, he had his Halloween party, and of his 8 kid class, there were 4-5 other Spiderman costumes. So at least it's just not mine that can't be creative, but at the same time, I wish he didn't have to be like everyone else!

Then that gets us to Halloween night. With Hurricane Sandy hitting the area early in the week, I worried they would have to miss it all. But she didn't hit us as hard as others! (And my thoughts and prayers do go to those along the Coast, in NYC and NJ that did get hit and have lost so much!!) But here we had a little wind and the kids we able to head out. JD tripped and seemed have sprained his ankle right before we headed out, so he ended up sitting out going door to door. He chose to just sit and rest his foot instead of going up to people for more candy. Poor little man!! But Kaitlyn and Ptolemy got to go up to people, and were having a great time. But as I was walking around in the dark, I could see why so many people do end up going to Tribes Hill to hit their T-or-T during the day time. Even with the kids having glow sticks on them and glow bracelets, I still worried I would lose one!! Good thing for the wagon! But we hit houses for a good hour and a half, and only went to the 3-4 blocks right around our house, and the kids got so much loot! One house was even giving out 8 packs of Oreo's!

But as usual, these 3 are my inseparable threesome.. and I love it! They give me something to always look forward to and feel blessed about!

When we got home about 8pm, we did a late dinner and the kids headed up to bed. I did some of my night time meditations and spent time thinking and honoring my loved ones that have passed. And that leaves us here.. November. The Pagan New Year!! Time to let the past remain in the past and be excited about the future. And only 2 more months left to the year! Where has the time gone!

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