Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday's business

Things have been busy around the house! Thanksgiving was such a blur! We had a little family dinner the Tuesday before, so we could enjoy a family meal at home. The boys left to head to their dad's on Wednesday. I spent Wednesday cleaning the house and decorating for the Holiday's while the Princess was napping. She woke up in such awe and amazement. I don't think I'll ever forget the look of pure magic and joy on her face when she walked down the stairs and saw all the lights. She stopped dead on the stairs just to stare at the lights and garland over the window of the stairs, and then she saw more lights in the living room and so forth. So I was pretty excited to see how the boys would react to it.

Thanksgiving day, Kaitlyn and I first watched the parade in the morning. We then went to Mom's and had Lasagna with my parents and Ron. It was a relaxing dinner. We sat waiting to get the call that the boys were in the area and I could go get them. Ptolemy was a bit more hesitant about coming home, but once I told him we had a surprise at home, he changed totally. JD just was happy to come home.

We had our big family dinner at my parents. She put an extra table out for the kids. It's so different from when I was little I always thought it would be cool to have a big dinner. Here it was. The four grand kids got a table to play at. Mom printed off Thanksgiving place mats for them to color. After dinner, Kimberlee and the kids made ornaments. Dinner was good, as usual!!

Did Thanksgiving seem not as special or important because the boys weren't here. Well yes and no. Yes in only the way that Thanksgiving Day didn't seem like the real day, even though Princess and I watched the parade. But no because we got to spread out the festivities. We enjoyed our family dinner, then had a huge dinner. They got to leave and come home to the house all decked out for them. They loved seeing that.

We went and got our Tree yesterday. They all got to sit with Santa and tell him what they would like for Christmas/Yule. They also got to see the Reindeer and then help find our perfect tree. Now it's home and up in the living room. Tomorrow will be the fun day. We went in search of the lights, but I couldn't find any. So I'll pick some up while JD is at school, so we can decorate the tree as a family! It truly is a gorgeous tree, even came with a birds nest. Can't wait to watch the boys put all the ornaments on it. Truly a precious moment in this house!

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