Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hike in the woods

Took the babies to the local park for a walk around the trails. We had a great time collecting pine cones, fallen pine branches, and other "winter" type things. We started talking about what it means for winter to be coming for the trees and other things in nature. We saw some squirrels searching for nuts, and JD asked what he was doing. So I was able to explain that he is gathering his food, like we do in our cupboards, so that he has food for the winter when the snow is on the ground. This lead to a full blown move from that topic to all about how he can't wait to go sledding. Love how the 3 year old mind works. Such innocent thoughts and happy just to be out and about.

JD got to 'walk' Amber and was so proud of himself. Thought he was the big boy, and oh so cute! Funny part was that she let him walk him so well, since she won't let me hold her leash. For me she lays down and won't move, for him she walked with her tail wagging the whole time. The dogs love that little boy!

So we walked around the trails, and then the kids were able to run around the upper part of the park. We checked on the Coi fish that have been there since we started going in the spring. We found they were still there, but under the ice. The kids found the fact they could swim under the ice really cool. We had a great day, even if it was cold! I love spending time with my babies! Being outside is that much better! We can't wait to enjoy more outdoor fun come winter!

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