Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am just in a mood over names. It seems like nothing is ever right, no one is happy, and everyone has an opinion. (Which really, I don't care about anyway!!)

I'll start with John-Douglas. I don't know what is so damn hard with his name. We have had nothing but trouble with his name since the day he was born!!! His whole first name is John-Douglas (or John Douglas for those that don't like the little -, but that's not the point). What is so hard. STOP calling him John, Johnnie, or any variation there of! Also...he is not John D or such. JOHN-DOUGLAS!!! Or I don't mind JD. That was a nickname my husband and I agreed on LONG before he was born. And he fits a JD. =) So not only do we have people that can't get that part straight...apparently medical records and everything else can't either. Now his birth certificate AND his social security card are correct. (Which if the government can get his SS card right...when they have my wrong birthday...I think anyone can get this..right!?!?) Well, before we had problems with things coming to John D. Fox... and that completely ignored that he DOES HAVE A MIDDLE NAME!! So I told these people that nothing was going to be answered or paid until it was correct. Then I go to the hospital for his heart tests at 6 months and they can't find him. They ask if he was ever there...I told them HE WAS BORN THERE!! So they go on a search..and they have him under Snell! Which is funny, b/c I wasn't even under Snell at the hospital but apparently my son is just another. So after lots of work we finally got all the old doctors and records to be correct. John-Douglas S. Fox. Phew!! THEN we move. Now it is starting all over!! I got his insurance card for NY State and .... you got it...WRONG... John D. Snellfox. Ummmmm...HELLO!?!?! Who the heck do they have working in these offices!!! I filled out the paperwork..I know that I put it in correct. Did some office worker think "This mother must not know how to write their child's name, I'll fix it!?" Ugh. So, trying to get that fixed has been a bitch. I get a new card in the mail...and guess what..wrong again. Oy! Now he's John-Dougla S. Fox. Ummm. we're missing a letter there..but we're closer! I'm just not getting what is so hard with his name! =/

Now before we had him..everyone had an opinion about his name...but was "ok" with everyone. Well I am sooo glad to have please people. *roll eyes* But now we're going through hell with baby boy #2. We have mentioned names we were considering only to hear: "That name is stupid." "I hate that!" "that is aweful." "He's only going to get picked on." And all those wonderful comments!! You know what..I don't give a crap if you don't like it.. I don't care if you think we're playing favortism to someone..I don't care if you think he is going to hate it... it is HIS name and he is SAM AND MY BABY!! You all had a chance to name your child/ren. (Or you will have a chance.) If you don't like it, or can't adjust..then I am sorry for your naive pettiness. The name will grow on you, I'm sure. So thus, we have come up with a we are not sharing and no we don't want opinions or what you think it should be or how we should change it. We're happy!! We have agreed that this is the name WE FEEL is right...and thus, we know it is the name for OUR son!!

And while I'm on opinions. I don't want anyone's opinion about how I should have my tubes tied or the likes. We may, or we may not, be done with children. But either way, this is a decision between my husband and myself. But thanks for your non-solicited advice!!

Also, I am homeschooling. We have ageed on this before JD...and no one has since changed our minds. If anything, you all have cemented it. So stop telling us about how a certain name will effect the boys in school. B/c I'm sure the names the other student(s) in THEIR class will be calling them..won't amount to picking..more like a bunch of brotherly play!

Ok...I think that was my rant for today. LOL. I'm a mom..I'm protective of both my sons, and my husband, and when I get some of these comments or mistakes..I can't help but get some fur raised. But I'm better now. =)

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