Thursday, June 2, 2011

Took a detour

Hey all... sorry I took a little detour off my trail, but I am back. :) I had a lot happen in the last year that took me away from the computer and more. But I am back and time to get back to updating and me being me.

Some little updates to start. JD turned 2 this year! Still can't believe my baby is TWO!!! His baby brother, Ptolemy James, was born June 22, 2010! Ptolemy was 8lbs 2oz and born by c-section at 12:25.... and came out screaming like his brother. Both boys have been keeping me on my toes and it has been amazing. <3 I love being a mommy to these two little boys. They are such a blessing!!

After living with my brother for a stint, the boys and I are living in a house that was bought for us by my mom. We moved in here right after Ptolemy was born, and have been renovating and making it HOME!!

Sam and I went our separate ways after a lot of fighting and realizing we just were not meant to be. Took a year of fighting, and finally him ignoring my please for us to seek counceling for me to realize he really didn't care about us as a couple any longer. And I moved on with my life... too bad it took his snooping mother to make him FINALLY realize we had issues. Too bad at that time it was a bit late. And yes... I know she will read this..and I don't care! That is all I will say about any of that.

So the boys and I are doing amazing!! They are growing like crazy.

JD is talking up a storm and such a smart little boy. He can count to 15, recognize most of the alphabet and so much more. He is such a cuddle bug!! He definitely has hit his terrible two stage, but we're working through it! We have a slight issue learning that we don't want to hit our brother, but move away when we get frustrated. He's started working on riding a bicycle, which has been interesting. He loves to get out and go look at animals, climb the ladder to his slide and so much more. I still can't believe how much he has grown!!!

While Ptolemy..he is my little genius!!! He's 11 months, and we are saying "mama, baba, and jjjj (which I think is JD, since it is consistant with him)". He is standing up and trying to walk, but is cruising along the furniture. He has been army crawling since he was about 4 months...and just finally decided to try out the high crawl...but still prefers his old standby. Hey...if something isn't broke, why fix it. He can climb stairs, clap, point when you ask about something. Just a little brainiac...and such a nature lover. I've taken him on a few hikes out in the mountains, and he is soooo observant and studies it all. JD likes to go out and study it all too, but nothing like this little guy.

And the final update in life... I'm currently expecting baby number 3. The final in my little family of 4. AND I am excited to say that the boys will have a little sister!! She is due around the beginning of July. Been so busy with the boys, I haven't had much time to really think about how much my life will change, or has changed. They have kept me sane and have made the worst of this whole thing seem not so bad. As long as I have my babies, I have my whole world!!! I don't need someone that didn't care about me. I can survive..and I have shown I can do that and more!!

Sooo.... I'm back. More regular updates to follow!!

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