Friday, August 28, 2009

what we're up to

So JD went through a point where it seemed he had completely stopped..if not had gone backwards with his development. Got a bit worried, but after talking to a few other mom's, realized their little ones were doing it to.

Not to worry any longer. Seems over night he has started to do everything! He now rolls officially from front to back and back to front without any effort. He also has learned that if he keeps doing it he can get around the room pretty quickly. Much quicker then his mini-crawling was getting him!

He also is sitting up pretty well, and standing when held. Then last night he pulled himself up on the crib rails, (We were sitting on the floor playing) and stood there all smiley at himself. Very cute to see him so exciting. Sometimes I think he's going to skip the official crawl stage, for he did it for a bit then stopped, and go right on to walking. But needless to say, Sam and I went out and got all the baby proofing things we needed to keep him from getting into too much trouble. Boy it amazes me how much trouble he can get into! :)

And food. We have moved on to eating a full jar of stage 2 for lunch and dinner now. He tried corn and pasta with veggie medley and loved them both!! The corn he went as far as to grab the plate and lick it to get the rest off! He also is trying to grab the food with his hands. So I am going to head over to the store tonight and pick him up some cherrios so that he can start havbing something to feed himself with. We've now tried all the fruits and veggies (and all the mixes) except for the meats. And tonight for dinner it looks like it is going to be Turkey and rice. We'll see how we handle that first taste of meats!!

All in has been good. Tomorrow JD is going to his first fair. I'm pretty excited to take him there. And since we know all the animals and thier owners, he'll get some one on one with those..and probably get cuddled by everyone. I'm looking forward to some good fair food! I honestly can't believe that it is the start of Autumn!! Where has all the time gone!! Can't wait to see JD enjoy the falling leaves, cooler weather...and of course...Halloween is just around the corner!! :-D to catch the rolling baby I have, that just woke up from his nap on the floor! Updates to come more frequently! :)

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