Friday, August 28, 2009

6 months & Disney

Wow...soooo much to update here!!

6 month appointment

So, JD has officially turned half a year old!! It really is bittersweet to think that my baby boy is growing up. I honestly can not believe that it's been that long!! That just last summer I wondered if we'd be blessed to reach thos point at all!! He went for his appointment, and he's doing so well. The doctor feels that he is doing great with all his milestones and he is growing too well. :) He's 18lbs 10 1/2oz and he was 29inches!! The weight he's following right along his normal curve, at about the 70th percentile. But the height..he's not on any of the curve charts. He's going above the 95th percentile for that. So, I'm blessed with a very tall boy! :-D He's got a lot of tall people on both sides, so I am not surprised!

We also looked at his teeth, and he does have some! I thought I had felt the canine and incisors, but those typically are not the first to come. Leave it to my son to not be the typical kid. :) Those teeth I felt are the ones coming in. And..he's got a molar working it's way!! The 2 incisors and the canines have popped the surface, but haven't pushed any further through. But boy, that hasn't stopped JD from nawing on anything and everything!!

He got the 3rd round of shots, but those didn't do too well for him. That night we woke up with a fever of 101.9. He was doing well with it, and still wanted to play and all. I gave him some tylenol and put some cool clothes on his head to help bring it down. It slowly went away during the next afternoon. Thankfully! I was not in the mind for that one! Looks like a lot of the baby buddies from this time frame have had a rough go at that 3rd set of shots. Wonder if it's a bit stronger or something?


So right after his doctors appointment; Sam, JD and I headed out to NY to my parents house. Even though Sam wasn't going on the trip with us, he wanted to head out to say goodbye and things. We spent that afternoon relaxing and Sam left early that evening. Then Friday, August 14th, we flew out of Albany International airport at 7:50am. (This was after we had a very early morning and made it to the airport for 6am...since I had to do special boarding things with JD) Security wasn't so bad with him in Orlando. They were actually pretty reasonable and helpful and we got through pretty quick. The airplane ride was fine and JD had zero problems with the flight. He usually doesn't do well with pressure changes..and he slept and played the whole flight. :) So when we landed in Orlando at 11am, it was great to have a happy baby to enjoy the day with. We got the rental car and headed out to Daytona Beach to enjoy the afternoon before heading back to Orlando for the remainder of the trip.

We spent Saturday and Sunday at Sea World. The first thing we saw was Shamu show..and boy did JD's eyes pop when that whale jumped out of the water. I wish I had a camera to catch his look on that one. :) He did really well and enjoyed seeing most of the animals. Other parts, he just slept through. Not surprising with the heat being so high, especially with the humidity.

Sunday night we headed to our hotel in the Disney All Star Movie Resort. They had Mickey ears made out of towels waiting on our bed. Ron shared a room with JD and I. Then we went to Magic Kingdom for lunch with Cinderella and the Princesses on Monday and over to Epcot for dinner with the Princesses. We got back to our room, and housekeeping had put JD's Manatee and Elephant in the window looking out as if it was waiting for him. Very cute!

Tuesday we did Animal Kingdom...but it sadly rained. But we enjoyed it while we could. JD and I headed back to our room, and he crashed at about 5pm and didn't move until about 6:30am on Wednesday. So he was in need of a good sleep. Then Wednesday and Thursday we did Magic Kingdom, along with a small trip to Downtown Disney on Wednesday. We tried to see the Illumination parade on Thursday, but the weather wasn't looking well and they had to cancel it. Too bad, b/c the parade we caught on Wednesday afternoon totally made JD's day. :) But we did get back to our room to find Mickey (JD's stuffed animal from Grandma) waving at us out the window! Then Friday we spent a few hours over in Epcot before heading to Orlando International to catch our flight home. He did even better on the flight back to NY, and slept from the second we boarded until we landed! We did get a bit delayed due to a huge storm in Orlando, but we were in the air by about 7pm and arrived in NY around 10:10. So all in all it was good.

My parents brought JD and I back to MA on Saturday afternoon. So he had a great trip. He got Mickey, Magician Mickey, Shamu, Nemo and a Manatee on this trip..and boy does he love them all! :)

I was a bit worried about getting him to transition back to his crib after spending over a week in bed with me..but the first night he went in his crib and slept through the night, and has done it every night. So I guess we didn't have as much to worry about. :)

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