Monday, August 31, 2009

And we're up..

So the same day that JD mastered the rolling from front to back, he learned to pull himself up to standing. Then yesterday he was playing on the floor. I look down and he was totally up on his hands and knees! Oy!! He did the rocking motion for a bit and flattened out. But now he just keeps doing it. So I know it won't be long. So between the rolling and the up on his hands and knees. He's soooo proud of himself. Then when I let him pull himself up. You would think he conquered the world! Sooo cute!!

We did end up trying the turkey and rice, and it was a HUGE hit! :)

So, just a quick update to say all is still going well..and he's on the move. I'm sure soon I'll be posting that he is actually going somewhere..and fast! :)

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