Thursday, August 6, 2009

growing up too quick

I honestly feel that JD is getting big so quick. I actually sat down today and cried and wished I could freeze time, and even go back. It has all gone by so quick, and I don't feel I wrote down enough memories or took enough photos. I wish I could bottle the way he smells, and just find a way to keep the way he feels. I know it's every mother's wish. But it hit me so hard today!!

I think what is hitting is that I'm loosing all of those original baby coos. :( JD has started to do his b's, d's and blowing raspberries. He even called ba-ba today, and he does seem to have the association down for his bottle. He's also been working on his ma-ma. It really is bittersweet for me. It all started last Friday (7/31) and it's just getting more and more. He's so intent when he watches you talk and will try to mimic. He also loves to grab your mouth while your talking to feel how it works. It's really cute! But I wish I had video's of his coo's. I tried to get them with the camera, but he always shut up when it was around. I know I'll remember them in my mind, just like I still know exactly how Loud used to talk to me. But I still wish I had it to listen to again!

And if starting to talk wasn't enough, my little wiggle worm is starting to move all over the floor on his own. He got up on his hands and knees once, but has decided to bulldoze (head down and use his feed to push forward) is his favorite way right now. But he can sure get himself around that way!!

Then last week we started to introduce the sippy cup, and JD took to it soooo quickly. He grabbed the handles from me, stuck the tip in his mouth and started he's done it a million times. I was shocked..and a bit saddened. Hahaha. So, he gets his daily juice, that the doctor ordered, in his sippy. And he loves to see that orange cup coming. I wanted to move his juice out of his bottle so that he could know that bottles are for his feedings and his sippy is his juice. Then when we get to about a year, we'll add milk and water to that and wean off the bottle. *sigh* Sad to think we're half way to that point already!!

We've also finally moved JD to his crib in his room. We stated the transition on Saturday, and he took immediately to it. I think he was a bit ready for it too. Sam snores and I tend to move a lot, and I think we kept waking him up. So I put him down with his mobile, and he did well. He loves to watch the he does that till it stops and then just puts his head down and out he goes. Because no matter what I do, that boy will not sleep on his back, and I feel he's fine on his tummy if that's what is best for him. I still check repeatedly on him. :) He has been doing much better with sleeping in there too. We're even starting to lose that middle of the night wake up, so I think this was a great move.

And the hardest thing for me to realize is that in 5 days he's going to be a half a year old already!! Boy has it all gone by so quickly!!

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