Monday, January 23, 2012

moving on

Working on finalizing some things that are being picked up today that were part of my past. Just looking to the future from here on out. No more thinking or focusing on the past, it is what it is. I have positives to take from it, such as my 2 handsome little boys and my beautiful little princess. I'm able to take what I have learned and move forward. Protect myself and my kids first and foremost! So as I get the rest of the items out the curb for their pick up, and look to getting replacements for the important stuff (such as a dining room set...really, who takes that away from kids..but it's ok, I needed a new better one!) I can finally say that this place is all mine. I've been paying my own bills and this house IS mine. Everything in it is.. and I can leave that to my children. They don't need the cheap hand-me downs that in all honesty I never cared for. It all never went together, but I was accepting b/c of the person I thought I loved and loved me. But now I can get a new table set to match the gorgeous hardwood of my dining room floors, wall and a better tv to go on my fireplace! Moving on... moving up ... moving forward.... the best idea for all!

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