Saturday, January 21, 2012

Long weekend

I really hate when my babies are away. I feel so lost and empty. Yes, I have my Princess here. But my boys are such an important part of my day, I feel like everything is just... there. I find myself going to do our routine stuff, only to find that I am doing it alone. How sad it is to make a lunch for 3, only to find that there is 1... and then you are no longer hungry when you realize that! I find myself in their rooms at 1am, sitting on their beds and sleeping with their lovies. Will this ever get any easier, or am I going to do this every time they have their weekends away. Some tell me I should be happy and enjoying my weekends and to do what I want. What I find myself doing is going grocery shopping since it is a touch easier without them, and then doing a full thorough scrub of their rooms, moving beds and rearranging books and toys... only to know they will be all over again once they return.

Then there are sights like this, that just send me into tears. Little things just left behind and forgotten in order to go. And I sit and wonder if I am as forgotten as this toy has been when they go. I know it is crazy to think. I know my boys love me, and tomorrow I'll get the big hugs and kisses I have missed all weekend.

Maybe these weekends will be easier when Kaitlyn gets older. We'll make these weekends more of a girls weekend. Go get our hair did and and our nails done, and who knows what else. I did have some projects to get done. a dino blanket I'm sewing for JD for his birthday. (Still can not believe he is going to be 3!!) But Kaitlyn finally fell asleep, and she has been sick for so long, I'd rather let her sleep. So hopefully this week I can get some sewing done, and pull out my serger and play with that for the first time. Need to get a dress made for her for her father's return home ceremony. Had a cute cloth diaper made with camo and ruffles, so I want to make a sundress with camo. But I'm thinking the dress will be in the pink camo, don't want her to blend in too much with daddy in his uniform. :)

But for now, the Princess is asleep. My baby boys will be coming home early in the morning, so I'm going to sit back with "I shall wear midnight" by Terry Pratchett and enjoy a little quiet... if the puppy will stop eating everything in the house!

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