Monday, June 6, 2011

And so it begins...

The official running around has begun!! Ptolemy has just up and walked. Grabbed a hold of the ride-on/walker car....and took it around the living room. He's been using the furniture to get where he wants, but mainly has been using his army crawl since he started months and months ago. Just kind of started the high crawl, but not regular. Well today has been all high crawl and now...we are walking! So, I now have 2 that I will be chasing as they run around the house trying to beat each other up! :)

And as it boys...brothers are definitely brothers!! The bond and understanding must be ingrained when they are born. I was just relaxing and enjoying the boys playing. I look over... Ptolemy grabs JD's golf club and wacks JD upside the head while he was riding on his Mickey plane and leaving him alone, and takes off. Which of course caused retaliation to set in..and JD went and "gave hugs"...which really was wresting Ptolemy to the floor and making him not be able to move. I have to did make me giggle a bit. JD has been a bit brutal with his brother, so to see Ptolemy joining in on the fun. But boy oh boy...these 2 are going to give me gray hair! It will be interesting to see how they both handle their baby sister.

And her.... I am in that paralyzed panic stage. I know I have a ton to do. Need to dig out the bassinet for my room. Ste up the one for the living room, set up her bouncy chair, get out the swing from Ptolemy's room and move it to the living room for her, sterilize bottles (in case I need them), wash her clothes, get her blankets ready, diapers set up...and how about just clean out her room so I have a spot for it all. Add to it... I do not have my hospital bag AT ALL ready!! So she better just wait till her scheduled c/s date. As it is...with that set, I have about 37 days only left!! This has definitely seemed like a long pregnancy..but not long enough. It's sad being my last, and I want to enjoy it. But it's hard to do also with the boys. But at the same time, I can feel myself getting to that stage where I am just READY! I can't wait to look at her. See her face, her eyes, her smile... and to kiss her nose. And to see her with her father. It is going to be the most heart melting moment on earth.

With that said... JD is calling for me from his nap, so it looks like it might be time for us to take our little nightly family walk. The boys and I! <3

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