Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beginning of our journey

Today we started our trip down the home school lane. After not hearing from the school the boys were going to attend. I decided, I went to school for this. So why not!! Now mind you, I have the young ones, so it's fun and challenging at the same time.

Today we did a since lesson to 'explore the yard' and 'learning our senses.' The senses was for JD, but the younger two obviously used them. Took a bit to teach him that it was "senses" and not "sentences." But he learned that we have 5 and what we use. Then he felt it important to tell me everything for the rest of the day. "I saw that flower mommy, I used my eyes to look at it. My nose to smell it. And my hands to feel it." Super cute, but after 5 hours, I was ready to be done. haha.

But we also explored the yard. We found slugs and snails, and discussed the difference between them. We found that the yard had wild grapes, that we don't eat! And that we have flowers, squirrels, birds, and so much else. All in all it was a great afternoon.

We also took the opportunity of this warm weather day, to just stay out and enjoy it. Tomorrow the weather is suppose to return to colder weather. So we will start the fall lessons. Can't wait to take the next step! A is for apple, after all!!!

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