Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So much, so quick

It seems like everything is happening over night with this little boy!! I went into his room to check on him after a very LONG nap, and found him standing up in his crib. Then he let go of the rails and laughed as he fell on his bottom. He thought this was GREAT!! I, am still in shock!! I have lowered his crib awhile ago now, so at least that isn't a worry, but still. It seems like things are happening too quick. He does try to pull himself up on things around the house, but we don't really have much that is good for him to grab.

He also has finally started sitting up unassisted!!!! I was truly beginning to worry about this one! But now he'll do it for a short stint until something catches his eye across the room. Then we're off. He's also into EVERYTHING!! No room is safe. He loves to follow us into the kitchen, or follow me down the hall into the bathroom. I try to find creative ways to limit his traveling to within the living room, but he is QUICKLY becoming smarter then mom and outsmarting my little barriers. I wouldn't mind it so much if he wasn't sooooo fascinated with chasing Ezra in his house, the cat food dish, the rabbit's cage and outlets!! I just wish there was an easier way to keep an eye on him..then he could wander his little heart out. But his wandering is still very much army crawl style. I don't think we're ever going to officially crawl. He goes up on his hands and knees, then flattens himself out and takes off. But boy is he quick!!

This past weekend we went to NY to visit family and attend a Halloween party. We had to buy JD a new costume b/c his Elephant one didn't fit!! I was shocked that within a month a 12 month costume no longer fits my little monster!!! I may still try and get him in it for a few shots on Halloween..just not button everything. Instead we picked up a Monkey costume. Granted he was super cute in that one too, but HE seemed to enjoy the elephant costume better! :) But we went to the party and he pretty much konked out half way through...and regardless of all the screaming kids he was out! The party was right in the middle of his daily nap, so I am not too surprised. :) After he got to enjoy roaming rampent at Grandma's. His favorite toy was the dog's dish and it was hard to keep him out. At one point he played in the water dish and knocked that every where. And my silly little monkey...was he scared...NOOOOO..he thought it was great and was playing in it. Didn't bother him one bit that he was soaked!! Silly monster!!

On Sunday we stopped at Aunt Sara's before heading home. JD got to play there for awhile and enjoyed chasing around Sara's nephew Kyle. Kyle didn't want anything to do with JD....but that wasn't going to stop my little guy. If you run from him, he thinks it is a game. Poor Kyle didn't realize that point, and JD wouldn't leave him alone. :) It really was cute to see him interact with other children. He loves people, and I really need to find more ways to get him out and about with other children!!!

But for now. He's growing like a week and I can't believe that we're ending another month on the calendar!! Where has all the time gone!?!?!?

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