Sunday, October 18, 2009

Growing up way too quick

JD is just getting so big and so quick!!! I honestly don't know where the last 8 months have gone. It seems I blinked, and he grew up on me!! He's such a sweet, content and happy baby. I don't know how I got so lucky and so blessed with him!!!

He has started to sit up in the high chairs if we go to restaurants and he got his first pair of real shoes!! Why do they have to grow up!! I knew the chair was eventually going to have to start. Especially since he is no longer in his infant carrier, but moved into a big boy car seat! But he does it so well, and gets so excited to be able to sit there. He's also started working on chewing on some we have introduced a harder solid. *sigh* Can we freeze time now!

He is so cute and curious!! He's into everything!!! He loves to open the drawer on the entertainment center. Has to follow chords to see where they go. If we leave the room, well that just means he needs to follow so he can see where we're going. I found him watching daddy cook from the kitchen floor the other night. It was the cutest thing I could have seen.

Also, last weekend we had a great time going to the Pumpkin Patch with Aunt Sophie. She came down and picked us up on Saturday, and we went to Keith's Farm. There we got to ride the Hay Ride out to the Pumpkin Patch, and JD was able to pick his own pumpkin. He loves things that are orange, so we had a lot of fun going through there. I will have to get some of those photos up soon!!

We have picked up JD's costume for Halloween..and he's going to be an Elephant..and let me tell you, he is ADORABLE in his costume!! <3 We're heading to a family Halloween party next weekend, so you can believe I'll be getting TONS of photos of my cute little elphant!!!

More family updates to be coming..and soon! :)

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