Monday, September 28, 2009

And we're off...

So, we have officially hit the stage where I turn my head for a second and do the "not where I left you" thing when I look back!! JD is off and on the go, go, GO!! We used to play contently on the living room floor, and that was all he would do. He did roll and scooch himself along the floor, but never went past the couches. Until now!!!! Yesterday he maneuvered his way around the couch and got into the dining room. So I moved the cats dish away...BIG MISTAKE!! Instead of being a deterrent..I increased his interest and he kept crawling to it. And then he heard daddy down the hall in our room..and well....let's say he and his rolling fish found dad!! He was sooo excited and proud of himself! Me...I'm a bit on the fence. I'm sooo excited to see him grow up and see how happy these things make him, but I want my small lil' boy back. The one I didn't have to watch like a hawk as much! He's also pulling himself up on the furniture. He's not totally mastered on that skill, but we're getting there. I am sure that once he does..he's going to be running in no time!!

We also have a new game going on in the morning. :) I can hear him chatting when I wake up, and instead of going in straight, I like to sneak in on my hands and knees and look in under the bumper. Then if he looks, I drop the bumper quick and give it a few seconds. Usually he laughs, gets excited and looks for me over the bumper. Well today that little stinker got me. When I first looked he was at the other end of the crib. Then I heard him rustling..thought he was just trying to get a better look over the bumper. I looked again and he was nose to nose with me, looking out under the bumper with this BIG GRIN!! Then he reached out and grabbed me. So...he one upped my game! It's so cute to see how excited he gets about it all.

Can we please stop time right now so I can just enjoy every second!! I feel like if I blink he'll be going off to college or getting married!!

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